About me

Why do I call this blog My 3rd Act?  Because that’s how I see my life – in three parts. The first act being birth, then experiencing the angst of adolescence and young adult years. The second act unfolded into marriage, children and work although not in that order. Steady, stable and staid. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, life changed dramatically. As I endured the exhausting treatment that followed, recuperation forced me to also take a hard look at my life.

Once my treatment was complete and I went into remission, I also decided to make a change professionally and personally. I have not looked back since.

My third act has a new narrative. I am an award-winning, professional communication practitioner who has worked successfully in both corporate and non-profit industries, becoming a trusted advisor to executives and business teams, and connecting with people who encouraged my curiosity to learn and grow as a communicator.

My most recent adventure is as a co-host of The Business Communicators Podcast with Austin Staton and Thomas Baen. Working on the podcast has been an unexpected, pleasant surprise for me given I’m an introvert with a bachelor’s degree in Drama and Journalism. Weird, right? After the uncertainty and craziness brought on by a global pandemic, I’m giving in to my fears (I struggle daily to overcome) to do things bigger and bolder. I’m in my third act and I’m standing in my truth, not in a corner any longer.

And because I love, absolutely love to travel and experience new things, I’ve started a side hustle to create unique travel experiences for others as an independent travel advisor. Visit my website to find the most recent travel deals and if I can help to create your unique travel experience, let’s talk.

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