Green lighting a great story

Boardz Drag posterI love movies, especially those with a great script.   When I can carve out some free time, it’s spent at the movies or on my sofa watching television, transported by the story unfolding before my eyes.

My friend Shed has a wonderful, original story to tell, rich with complex characters and situations drawn from his personal experience  – as an officer of the law and as a father – that he’s working to make reality.  Boardz Drag is the story of Ricky Sims, a police officer who idolized his dad, Conrad who was a police officer killed in the line of duty. This story sounds typical, but it’s not.  However, it will be for the viewer to decide.  The objective, now, is to secure financing to bring this story to the screen.  Watch the teaser and tell us what you think.  Thanks for your time.