My Vacation Was A Carnival Dream

I took my first real vacation of 2021 this past November. I was long overdue after not being able to travel in more than a year. I took an 8-day vacation on the Carnival Dream cruise ship, with 3 stops in the Bahamas but 8 days was a little too long for my taste. I could have done 4 days nicely, but more than that I’m not so good. I get antsy for dry land and lots of sightseeing that I don’t want to have to cram into a matter of hours before the ship leaves port. But that’s my preference. There were hundreds of other passengers on board who would disagree with me.  

Aside from the number of days aboard the ship, there were major benefits. My stateroom included a balcony that provided beautiful views and significant peaceful moments. The meals were filling and plentiful – my choices were a freshly made spinach omelet, fruit, and coffee for breakfast, salads, sandwiches or tacos for lunch and for dinner, salmon or steak grilled to perfection, and sided with steamed vegetables. All the food was visually appealing and delicious to taste.

All that blue, blue water is…hypnotic and soothing.

There were plenty of activities to stay occupied while at sea including a casino, a variety of games, club karaoke, movies on deck to name a few. Our most memorable stop was in Ocho Rios where my son and I enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach. The weather was gorgeous, the sand gleamed like white diamonds, and the inviting blue water stretched for more than a mile. Still, that wasn’t the best part of the vacation.

The moment I stepped onboard the Carnival Dream, I felt at home. From the staff who took care of my stateroom, who removed the tension from my neck during a massage, to others who served my meals at the restaurant and answered my questions at the help desk, they were by far the most memorable. I was greeted by name and treated like royalty, everywhere I went. Even more impressive was their dedication to constant cleaning and taking extra measures to keep passengers safe. Staff always wore face masks, and even though I could not see their faces, I felt the warmth in their smile and saw the sincerity in their eyes, and I felt well taken care of.

We planned this cruise in 2020, with high hopes that the pandemic would be over by the time we were ready to set sail. It wasn’t, and we took every precaution to prepare and made sure to follow Carnival’s Covid protocols before and during the cruise. It was well worth the process, and we returned home healthy and safe.

With 2022 coming up, I’m already making plans for our next vacation. It just might be another cruise. A shorter one though, and earlier in the year. It’s just got to be near a beach. I’ll keep you posted.

As an independent travel advisor, I’m happy to help you plan your own memorable vacation. I love a great vacation experience and I want to make sure my clients have a great experience, too!